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Welcome to Lighthouse Farm Sheep Farm

Lighthouse Farm is a responsible, family-owned, shepherding institution. We are not a factory, mass-producing livestock. Instead, we passionately breed and raise our sheep with their comprehensive well-being in mind. At Lighthouse Farm, our flock is our life.

We rotate our pastures, keeping the fields (and thus the sheep) as healthy as possible. We believe in protecting the environment, so we source locally grown hay and provide natural herbals and vitamin mineral mixes. Unlike the large, soulless livestock factories, we do not shovel our sheep full of antibiotics simply to increase their weight. However, we will resort to antibiotics to heal sheep and save their lives in critical circumstances.

Lighthouse Farm raises superior, genetically improved sheep. Our animals have greater muscle mass and more wool weight, all from years of natural ovine husbandry. We specialize in purebred Finnsheep, but we also offer Dorsets and other commercial crosses. All of our sheep are Scrapie resistant, and many of our younger lambs carry the prized “R” gene.

For more information about Finnsheep, visit the Finnsheep Breeder’s Association website:

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